July 21, 2021


Sustainability is a big buzzword at the moment in the fashion world and we wanted to have a little chat about it with you. What does it mean? How does this affect us? What can we do? These are questions we have been asking ourselves and were on the move towards a more considered and responsible approach to how we do things.

We have been making mindful selections when buying each season, supporting brands with sustainable sensibilities, and setting out a plan for ourselves moving forward. For us it starts with us, our people, our goals and where we want to go as a business, and most importantly, our brands, this would have to be one of our most important aspects. So, let's take a deep dive into it and see what we’ve implemented.


We are making a move and have been doing so for some time now and we feel it's time to let you know. What sustainability and ethics mean to us at O'Brien's, is paying attention to the environmental and social aspects that accompany our business. To put this principle into practice, we have supported brands with the same sensibilities and will continue to do so.

Some of our brands have also implemented ethical and sustainable practices. Therefore, we want to highlight the brands that have ethical practices in their manufacturing or make a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment and communities surrounding them.

We are on a constant journey, researching and developing new paths forward season by season. With this journey comes great successes along with challenges to overcome. One thing is for sure we can get there one step at a time. By understanding and knowing what you stand for allows you to make an informed decision and the sustainable or ethical goals you may want to hit! From ethically sourced, Australian made, low carbon foot print, water-wise, vegan friendly, carbon off-set and socially responsible products.  


Here at O'Brien's, we have developed long-standing relationships with our brands and we'd love to highlight those who are making a conscious effort and commitment to sustainable practices. These brands aim to produce their collections either ethically, in regards to fair working conditions and transparent supply chain, or with sustainability in mind, sourcing fabrics or production methods that have a less environmental impact and in some cases both.  

Elk: is an Australian company and made offshore. Elk's products are produced using socially and environmentally responsible materials and processes, in a safe working environment, with all workers paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect.

Layer'd: is made in Australia. They work with manufacturers that are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, with fair working conditions and fair pay. By choosing to be Australian-made, manufacturing costs are undoubtedly higher but this allows Layer'd to have more control over their impact as well as the quality of their garment construction.

Loobie's Story: an NZ company. It begins from the very beginning, the design team mindfully designs “collectible” pieces, which will live comfortably in our wardrobes for years to come. Loobie also places importance on a supply chain that ensures healthy working conditions and mindful sourcing of fabrics.

Brax: is a German company. One of their top priorities is to ensure that the people working in their valued supply chain enjoy ethical and safe working conditions. At the same time, they are committed to the environment and work continuously on reducing their consumption of natural resources.

POM: this Amsterdam-based brand, has a focus on sustainability and honest entrepreneurship. They operate with care for people, animals, and nature and continuously look to improve the way they do business. Of late they have acquired sustainable certifications and produce some pieces in the Netherlands.

Mela Purdie: is also made in Australia, with fair and ethical manufacturing. Mela Purdie is extremely high quality in design and construction that will last you for years. Overconsumption is one of the biggest sustainability concerns of the fashion industry, if we can buy quality garments that last, we are doing our part to reduce waste.

Humidity: Work closely with each and everyone of their manufacturers and suppliers ensuring our products are made ethically across the supply chain. Plus source and use natural or organic fibres where possible.

Monari: Is another European brand committed to a responsible and ethical future. With intentional manufacturing, a move to more eco-friendly fabrics, and the acknowledgment of social responsibility.

Rollies Nation: Takes a strong stance on ethical manufacturing, working with two main factories in China, both small to medium-sized with approximately 100 workers. Their production and development team have developed a close working relationship and even a personal friendship with the owners that ensures their process is running smoothly and more importantly, that everyone is happy. They have set out a clear code of conduct for their company concerning manufacturing.

Madly Sweetly: is the little sister brand of Loobie's Story. Madly Sweetly also follows the same standards and principles of Loobie's Story. Placing importance on ethical and fair trade manufacturing, plus sourcing eco fabrics.

Alessandra: are committed to making a difference and better choices where possible. Their views on ethics and sustainability steer us throughout all our practises.


To kick things off and hopefully make your sustainable shopping experience run smoothly we have created a sustainable collection online, almost like a one-stop shop for all things ethically considered and sustainable. Here you can find the brands and their styles that may tick some of the "sustainable" goals you may want to hit! We have featured items that are ethically sourced, Australian made, low carbon footprint, water-wise, and socially responsible products. We want to make this as easy as possible for you and give you the option to shop how you like.  

The other exciting green feature we've implemented is the new payment method, Shop Pay. Choose to checkout with Shop Pay and with every order placed a tree is planted. It's an incredibly easy way to help offset carbon emissions. Shop Pay will securely save your details so you can checkout with a click at your favourite online stores that also use Shop Pay. You can download the Shop Pay app to track orders from multiple stores all in one place. For more details check out our Shop Pay page to get you started.  


Another aspect of our business that we nurture and take pride in is our people and the family we have built over the years. O’Brien’s Clothing Co was established in 1955 by Don and Margaret O’Brien. Three generations later, O'Brien's Clothing Co is owned and run by Michael and Kim O’Brien and their daughter, Daneka Lynch.
Daneka Lynch is the main driver of our beloved online store. With the support of her husband, Quinten Lynch (ex AFL footballer and their three beautiful kids, the future of O'Brien's Clothing co is in safe hands. With the fourth generation of O'Brien's Clothing Co already showing interest in the business.
Our staff at O'Brien's Clothing Co are like family to Michael, Kim & Daneka and we take pride in making sure our customers are treated like family as well.


Our ethos is to have quality and well-designed clothing to cater to all ages, shapes, and body sizes. Our staff strives to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction. They’re passionate about the service provided, ensuring you, the customer walks away from O'Brien's feeling revitalized and confident with your purchase.

We've such fabulous and loyal customers at O’Brien's. Many are local and regional customers but also national and even international. Thank you for all your wonderful support and enthusiasm for over 60 years, we are still going strong and are so thankful because of you! This website is dedicated to all the requests from our customers in-store and online. We want to continue our service to all our wonderful and valued customers in WA and beyond!

Daneka and her gorgeous family.

I hope you have found this somewhat insightful and you enjoy shopping our Sustainability Collection. This is something we see as an ongoing commitment and will strive to provide our beautiful community with as much insight and options as we possibly can. So, watch this space as we navigate this area of fashion together.

Happy shopping!

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