Pack Light and Bright - Your Summer Travel Wardrobe

January 04, 2022

Pack Light and Bright - Your Summer Travel Wardrobe

It's SUMMER TIME and with that comes a Summer holiday. So, you’ve got your booking confirmation and your transport is booked, it’s now time to consider what to pack in your suitcase.

Before you start filling up your suitcase though, consider what kind of travel you’ll be doing: is it a lounging-by-the-pool vacation? Will you be ticking off key sightseeing sites on a daily basis? Or will you be road tripping and living the van life? Or are you one of the lucky ones taking an international flight? The answer will give you a clear direction on whether you fill your luggage up with flats for walking or high heels for beach club partying. One thing is certain, though, no matter what type of travel you’ve got in mind, you’ll want to pack light and bright!

To maximize the number of outfits you get out of your suitcase, consider packing pieces that all go together in one colour palette. Then start with your neutral basics which will give you many style options. then opt for a dressier top for special occasions, a great tee as you can go wrong with that, then either a dress or a relaxed top or blouse. Of course we haven't forgotten, accessories are pretty important too. Think versatility, choose footwear, jewellery, handbags etc that are neutral and will style back with your travel wardrobe.

Now that we know what we're doing and what we roughly need, let's take a look at 4 vibrant and summery looks we've styled for you. Hopefully this gets you excited for that awesome holiday!

Let's Get Holiday Ready!

Blue Hawaii -
This look is fresh and vibrant, we've opted for the Acrobat Rolled short in either white or vintage blue. starting with these shorts you can then style it back with a beautiful print silk to a graphic tee or an oversized linen piece.

  1. Verge Acrobat Rolled Short
  2. Mela Purdie Tie Shell Top in Lagoon
  3. Verge Impress Top in Azure
  4. Verge Highside Shirt in White
  5. Sidecut Cage Shoe; Elva Earring; Bronte Bag

Hot Pink -
Style pinks and whites together are the perfect way of adding some bright summer vibes to your holiday! We've selected the Acrobet Essex Pant in white as our essential to this look. Then we've highlight some vibrant pink styles in solids, different fabrications and of course we couldnt go past a popping pink printed top.

  1. Verge Acrobat Essex Pant
  2. Mela Purdie Scallop Top in Lollipop
  3. Verge Forecaster Top in Hot Pink
  4. Alessandra Pintuck Dress in Magenta
  5. Vestirsi handbags

Cool as... -
This look screams summer holiday with its cool as a cucumber green palette. We chosen to highlight the Acbrobat Cargo Short and Eclipse Pant. Green and white are the perfect complimentry colour pairing. Pick your favourite shade of green and run with it. Dont forget denim is also a great essentail that will style back with everything in your suitcase.

  1. Verge Acrobat Cargo Short
  2. Verge Eclipse Pant in Avocado
  3. Yarra Trail Stripe Wrap Tee in Sage
  4. Verge Lara Top in White
  5. Verge Eloise Top in White/Avocado
  6. Ilse Jacobsen Tulip 4070 Pull-On Sneaker in Moss

Get Wild -
This look celebrates PRINT and especially this gorgeously vibrant Lab Print by Verge. With a great combinations of different colours within the print, you're able to pull out some key colours to feature and make your look pop! This print is available in a few different styles.

  1. Verge Acrobat Eclipse Skirt in Lab
  2. Verge Acrobat Long Short in Lab
  3. Verge Acrobat Lab Dress
  4. Layer'd Vecka Top in Buttery-Pink
  5. Vestirsi Lousia Bag in Tan
  6. Derby Punch Shoe; Painted Poppy Earring

Let's Get You Organised!



To help you along with the organising and lead up to your holiday, here is a printable travel checklist. Covering things to confirm before you go, of course things to pack and lastly, things to do before you walk out your door.

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