The Benefits Of Wearing Linen

December 08, 2021

The Benefits Of Wearing Linen

There are a number of benefits to this relaxed yet elegant fabric that make it perfect for the summer months. Not only is it a beautifully breathable material, but it's generally more sustainable than cotton and other popular fabrics. Linen is a natural fiber made from cellulose fibres derived from the stems of the flax plant and has been used for centuries. So let's take a deep dive into the wonder fibre.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love linen...  

1. Lower Environmental Impact Than Cotton


It's a natural fibre with a lower environmental impact than cotton.

Linen uses significantly less water than cotton, which in turn gives Linen a lower water footprint. Linen is made from the stalks of flax plants, which are resilient species that require very little if any fertilizer and soil conditions can be poor.

Almost all of the flax plants can be used, and with the demand for flax seeds and oils increasing in the health food industry, there is very little to no wastage of the plants. Plus, being a natural fiber it's also biodegradable. How brilliant is that!


2. Breathable and highly absorbent



Linen is one of those gorgeous natural that is perfectly breathable and highly absorbent.

As linen fibres are hollow, they allow more airflow over your body than other materials. Being a highly absorbent fibre, linen can actually gain up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp to the touch.

This makes linen perfect for summer, helping you to keep cool all day long!

3. It's Luxurious


Let's get you familiar with how the Linen as you know it comes to be.

Flax plants must be pulled from the ground to maintain the full length of their fibres. The plants are then left in a field to soften, so that the fibres are easier to separate. Once extracted, the fibres are collected, rolled and stored for two to three months for further softening, before they are twisted and processed with a spinning technique.

Given this lengthy process, linen is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fabrics and why linen is more expensive than other materials like cotton.

4. Strength and durability



Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres, and it's even been found to get stronger with washes! Talk about the perfect fabric fibre.

We can dated back to 8000 BC and see that Linen was heavierly used in all facites of life. In ancient Egypt it was used as currency, demonstrating it's strong and sturdy nature.

This certainly proves that linen clothing will last for many summer seasons to come, making it a perfect addition to any conscious, capsule wardrobe.

5. Naturally Insect Repelling


Yes, you read that correctly - linen is thought to naturally repel insects like moths, so you're unlikely to find any unwanted bite marks when taking out your warm weather wardrobe!

Linen is virtually lint free, non-static, non-allergenic, naturally insect-repellent and gives UV protection. It’s high breathability allows air to move around freely and thus releasing moisture quickly.

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