Loobie’s Story – AW24 Legacy Collection

What defines a truly memorable woman? This season, we draw inspiration from the narratives of women we admire, seeking the qualities that shape their identity - determination, grace, purpose, unconditional love, and kindness. It's the underlying strength complemented by inner beauty and poise, the courage of their convictions, and steadfast values. We revel in the indomitable pioneering spirit of women and the enduring legacy they leave behind. This is the aspiration that guides us, and these are the stories we narrate through our shared language of fashion.

Chic and timeless, our latest collection epitomises effortless elegance.

Changing The Game

In a daring evolution, our collection seamlessly blends timeless grace with a contemporary shift.

Timeless Grace: Infused with muted tones, delicate prints, and meticulous attention to detail, we prioritise lasting style and wearability, staying faithful to our brand's refined aesthetic.

Harmony in Hues: Introducing cranberry red, gold, taupe, olive, duck egg, and lake blues as our new fashion shades, with dusky pink delicately floating throughout to soften the entire collection. Underpinned by a variety of warm neutral colors, we enhance the overall wearability.

Revolutionised Elegance: Silhouettes undergo a significant transformation with reduced volume, shorter hem lengths on dresses, and slimmer shapes. The era of big frills and flounces is behind us, replaced by leaner, cleaner lines that allow the exquisite details to shine.

Sophisticated Revival: Unveiling tailored elegance, luxe textures, and sustainable knitwear, our collection introduces classic pieces and dependable velveteen in new shapes. Denim transcends into high-fashion pieces, produced in our suiting factory. These fresh additions elevate the entire collection, providing a new and modern feel.

Elevating Wardrobes with Sustainable Cashmere and Premium Textiles

Our luxe capsule expands with three elevated plain silk stretch pieces, two printed stretch silk pieces, a silk/viscose velvet suit, and for the first time ever, the introduction of 100% cashmere knitwear - sustainably sourced and traceable. These are not just gorgeous classics; they are investments in quality and exquisite softness. We carefully select premium yarns to craft simple shapes, enhancing them with self-trimming or interesting knit construction to create texture.

A Tale of Love, Strength, and Style in Every Woman

This collection is more than just the garments produced; it's about how they make you feel. It's the confidence you exude as you navigate the corridors of your everyday life. It's the elegance of your skirt as it gracefully sways, enhancing your femininity. It's the love you embrace as a mother and the poise passed down from the women who came before you. Finding strength in that, and the spirit of those watching from generations past. This collection, brought to O'Briens, stems from the vision of a woman who had a dream and pursued it. Now, it's your turn. Step into your strength, reclaim your power, and embrace your individuality.

You are viewing a meticulously curated collection. Take your time, be inspired, as we refine our own legacy rooted in a love for life and a life well-lived!