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Sustainability at O'Brien's Clothing Co: We consciously choose these ethical fashion brands to add to our brand pool and we are introducing the use of biodegradable packaging for our online orders.


Designed in Australia, ELK The Label's products are produced using socially and environmentally responsible materials and processes, in a safe working environment, with all workers paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect.


Mela Purdie is designed and made in Australia, with fair and ethical manufacturing. Mela Purdie's styles are extremely high quality in design and construction that will last you for years. Overconsumption is one of the biggest sustainability concerns of the fashion industry, if we can buy quality garments that last, we are doing our part to reduce waste.


Loobie's Story is designed in New Zealand. The design team mindfully designs “collectible” pieces, which will live comfortably in our wardrobes for years to come. Loobie also places importance on a supply chain that ensures healthy working conditions and mindful sourcing of fabrics. 


Madly Sweetly brings a fresh approach to refined casual dressing. Designed in New Zealand, Madly Sweetly is committed to placing importance on ethical and fair trade manufacturing, plus sourcing eco fabrics.


Designed in Australia, Alessandra garments are designed and manufactured with longevity in mind. They value supply chain transparency and only engage with manufacturers who provide an ample living-wage ratio for their employees, a safe work environment and follow fair work conditions.


Humidity Lifestyle work closely with each and everyone of their manufacturers and suppliers ensuring our products are made ethically across the supply chain. Plus source and use natural or organic fibres where possible.


Rollie Nation take a strong stance on ethical manufacturing. They have set out a clear code of conduct for their company concerning manufacturing and work only with accredited factories.


POM, an Amsterdam-based brand, has a focus on sustainability and honest entrepreneurship. They operate with care for people, animals, and nature and continuously look to improve the way they do business. They have acquired sustainable certifications and produce some pieces in the Netherlands.

  Brax, based in Germany, have identified one of their top priorities is to ensure that the people working in their valued supply chain enjoy ethical and safe working conditions. At the same time, they are committed to the environment and work continuously on reducing their consumption of natural resources. They are expanding their low-water-usage denim jeans collection.


Monari Is a European brand committed to a responsible and ethical future. With intentional manufacturing, a move to more eco-friendly fabrics, and the acknowledgment of social responsibility.

Underpinned by a signature aesthetic and Melbourne based, Once Was collections feature exclusive prints and fabrics that have an emphasis on natural fibres. Once Was is committed to designing quality, timeless pieces made from sustainable fabrications.

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