Mela Purdie Lookbook


Experience the warmth of Mela Purdie's stunning May collection this winter. This month is all about romanticising your life during the colder season, embracing the crisp air filling your lungs and cozying up in Mela Purdie garments while the hum of the heater radiates through your home. This collection isn't just about being fashionable or drop-dead gorgeous; it's about feeling as warm as a comforting hug and truly embracing your beauty this winter.


April is infused with autumnal shades and bold statements! Discover new shapes in new fabrications, as iconic as the brand itself. New Stretch Chintz, new Powder Knit and new Merino Wool knitwear, just perfect for this trans-seasonal time. Mela Purdie creates clothes that move and travel you.


Since 1999 MELA PURDIE has embraced the art of confidence in comfort by designing perfect wardrobe combinations for the way we live today, wherever you are. Continuing to develop upon a heritage foundation of wearable essentials, the line embodies clothes that travel with you. Through flexible design, sensual fabrication and precise finishes, these clothes provide a framework for dressing that empowers a sense of luxury and ease. Explore the March Drop infused with bold print and colour, perfect for your new Autumn looks!

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